Dr. Francisco Gonzalez began performing weight loss surgery in 1991 and is one of only a few surgeons who started performing the lap band surgery in Mexico since 1997. He has performed with a high degree of success more than 3,000 weight loss surgical procedures, ranging from lap band surgery to gastric bypass as well as gastric sleeve. He also performs lap band surgery over gastric bypass.

During more than seventeen years of experience in weight loss surgery he has had the pleasure of witnessing lives transformed. Patients whose health had been seriously compromised due to co-morbidities associated with their excess weight have been able to live longer and healthier lives.

The appreciation and the esteem his patients have shown him during so many years has been the driving force behind this new program, the lap band 4 life outreach program. Created by Doctor Gonzalez and his team, this Program aims to reach out to the community that has given so much to this group of professionals.

The Lap Band 4 Life Outreach Program offers patients with morbid obesity the opportunity to obtain the benefits of the lap band surgery when their financial situation does not permit it and their insurance company refuses to cover it. It is primarily aimed at patients who have co-morbidities that will in the short term pose a serious risk to their overall health.

Doctor Francisco Gonzalez is a Board Certified medical doctor in Mexico. He is a renowned expert in weight loss surgery.

With over 3,000 Lap Band procedures, Dr. Gonzalez is among the world's most experienced surgeons in this field.

He has dedicated more than 17 years performing lap band surgery as well as gastric bypass and other laparoscopic weight loss surgical procedures.

Three times a year applications are reviewed and a patient is selected from those that apply for this program. Acceptance to this program includes but is not limited to the following criteria:

1. BMI
2. Co-Morbidities
3. Willingness to adhere to the change in eating habits and to obtain local medical follow-up.
4. Financial situation

If you are interested to learn more about this program and apply for an opportunity of a new life, download a copy of the Eligibility Worksheets, fill them out and email to:

All forms received before May 6, 2009 will be evaluated. A patient will be selected for a completely free lap band surgery to be performed during the month of June 2009. All communication with the Program will be done via e-mail until a patient is selected at which time arrangements will be made via email and phone.

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